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PIBO Migration Summary (Sep 1 – 15, 2014)

The first significant cold front of the fall season has finally arrived, boosting our banding totals and bringing in large numbers of Swainson’s and Grey-Cheeked Thrushes. On our busiest day, September 7th, we banded 87 birds, including 47 Swainson’s and 15 Grey-Cheeked Thrushes. As the season progresses, Grey-Cheeked Thrushes will come to predominate and then …

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Oodles of Owls!

Last night, PIBO held our third public owling night of the season. After a stormy week, the weather was beautiful and we banded three Eastern Screech Owls and one Northern Saw-whet Owl. A fantastic turnout of friends and neighbours made the night even better. Thank you to all who came by last night, we hope …

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