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Welcome to The Auspice, PIBO’s thrice-yearly newsletter that keeps you up-to-date on research at the Observatory and the various ways that PIBO staff and volunteers are reaching out to their physical community of Pelee Island and the virtual community that happily includes all of you!

The Auspice appears in Spring and Fall, marking the migration seasons, and again in Winter, when resident birds come into their own. In its virtual pages you’ll find detailed migration summaries from Field Supervisor Sumiko Onishi that make you feel as if you are in the field with her—but without the deer flies and pelting rain.

You’ll also find news of upcoming events, staff activities and changes, and beautiful images of Pelee Island birds, most of them from Sumiko’s camera. We report on news from the larger birding world, too—interviews with ornithologists, reviews and announcements of new books of special interest to birders, and the latest from ornithological labs In Canada and beyond.

Current Issue

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