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Prothonotary Warbler. Photo by Paul Jones

North American birds are in trouble—3 billion lost since 1970!

Only 9 percent of birds migrating the Mississippi flyway—which includes Pelee Island!—are adequately protected.

Protonotary Warbler, the only cavity-nesting warbler in eastern North America. Endangered; nests on Pelee Island. Photo by Paul Jones

Help us track bird populations, connect with researchers along the hemispheric flyway and raise awareness of the plight of migrating and threatened birds.

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Small but powerful! Hummingbirds are the smallest migrating birds, yet one rufous hummingbird was recorded flying 3,500 miles from Florida to Alaska to raise its family.


Photo by Richard Cooper


Named for their trilling, quavering songs, warblers sing to communicate and to attract a mate. The rare prothonotary (right) is endangered, but can still be heard on Pelee Island.


Warbler - photo by Paul Jones

Photo by Paul Jones


When bluebird populations plumetted in the 1960s, people rallied, putting up nest boxes, and by 1996, the birds were removed from the endangered list—a conservation success story!


Bluebird - photo by Paul Jones

Photo by Paul Jones

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For a limited time, Owl and Eagle members receive a special print of a Margaret Atwood collage featuring Atwood as a Mexican Katrina.

Eagle members will also be invited to attend Opening Events around the PIBO Bird Centre, currently in development on Pelee Island.


As grassland and wooden barns disappear, so do barn owls. The most ubiquitous owl species in the world and one of the most widespread birds, fewer than five pairs now nest in Ontario.


Owl - Photo credit Richard Cooper

Photo by Richard Cooper


In 2023, Bald eagles left the endangered list, largely due to a DDT ban. From only 24 nests in the 1990s, there are now over 2,600. Birds of vision and strength, they mate for life.


Eagle - photo by Richard Cooper

Photo by Richard Cooper

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