Research Summaries

The PIBO Field Supervisors and their assistants have diligently reported on their Pelee Island bird surveys, censuses, and monitoring for more than a decade, amassing a vital and fascinating store of data on the birds that breed on Pelee Island (Breeding Bird Summary) and those that make the island a stopover on their migration to and from their wintering grounds in the south (Migration Summary). The Migration Summaries present the Daily Totals (DTs) for species documented at Fish Point during the daily dawn walk count.

Below you will also find a Banding Summary for 2021. Many of these reports contain unique photographs taken by PIBO staff and volunteers, and details of unusual sightings and species at risk. Rather than dry academic reports with columns of numbers, they are written in the delightfully personal style of those with deep knowledge of nature and birds: “You know spring has come when the canopy sounds like a rusty vehicle about to break down. The blackbirds are in!”

Carolina Wren | Photo by Alessandra Wilcox.


Purple Finch | Photo by Paul Jones


Dunlin | Photo by Paul Jones


Ruby crowned kinglet | Photo by Paul Jones