Important Bird Area

Important Bird Areas (IBAs) are discrete sites that support specific groups of birds: threatened birds, large groups of birds, and birds restricted by range or by habitat. IBAs range in size from very tiny patches of habitat to large tracts of land or water. They may encompass private or public land, and they may or may not overlap partially or entirely with legally protected sites.

IBAs are identified using criteria that are internationally agreed upon, standardized, quantitative, and scientifically defensible. This gives them a conservation currency that transcends international borders and promotes international collaboration for the conservation of the world’s birds. It also makes IBAs an important tool for identifying conservation priorities and fostering greater success in the conservation of bird populations.

Pelee Island is classified as globally significant for migratory landbird concentrations and nationally significant for threatened species. To find out more about Pelee’s IBA, visit

Bird Life International also has a page about Pelee’s IBA. 

Broad-wing hawk | Photo by Paul Jones