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Species at Risk

Species at Risk Ontario (SARO) “Species at Risk” is an umbrella term that covers four categories of risk assessment. A species is considered at risk if it is Extirpated, Endangered, Threatened, or of Special Concern. Extirpated means that the species still exists somewhere and used to exist in Ontario, but no longer does. Two species […]

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Get Involved with Birds

Get Involved with Birds The following programs are run by bird organizations in Canada and North America, many of them by our partner, Birds Canada. At PIBO, we are happy to share our expertise about birds, migration patterns, wildlife conservation, and bird programs and events on Pelee Island, as well as southwestern Ontario and the

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Spring Programs

Great Canadian Birdathon  Every year birders of all ages, abilities and backgrounds take to the trails, meadows and forests to look for birds. You can choose any day in May and determine the length of your birding adventure. Ask your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to support your efforts, with all funds going to birds

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Barn Swallow: A Report

Barn Swallow: A Report Purpose of this writing We have heard that Barn Swallows are on the list of Species at Risk. In many areas they are still quite common, and it is often difficult to recognize that their population is in decline. I wrote this essay to explain why they are listed as “threatened”

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Previous slide Next slide Our appreciation  to Paul Jones, Mike V.A. Burrell, Richard K. Cooper, Sumiko Onishi and all the bird photographers who shared their work in these pages. WELCOME TO THE PELEE ISLAND BIRD OBSERVATORY The Pelee Island Bird Observatory (PIBO) is uniquely situated on the most southerly island in Canada, nestled in the

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2017 Spring Report

Introduction The Pelee Island Bird Observatory (PIBO)’s spring migration coverage at Fish Point Provincial Nature Reserve (Ontario Parks – Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources) ran from April 1st to June 11th, 2017, for a total of 72 coverage days. Five participants helped to record 163 species at Fish Point during PIBO’s standard count period. 659

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