Swainson’s Thrush

PIBO Migration Summary (Aug 16 – 31, 2014)

Fall migration continued to be slow during the second half of August as warm south winds discouraged migration. The majority of birds banded continued to be Common Grackles and House Wrens, most likely local birds who were hatched or had nested on the island, but activity began to pick up towards the end of the …

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Census Report: Many Thrushes

Along with a nice variety of other birds, 136 thrushes have been banded over the last several mornings. We banded 43 Swainson’s, 6 Gray-cheeked, 3 Veerys, and a Hermit Thrush this morning. They were picking at Elderberries. Also, 20 warbler species were recorded and 77 Bobolinks were counted on the census. 68 species were tallied …

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