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In Memoriam of Graeme Gibson

Graeme Gibson, 1934-2019. On September 18th our long time chairperson and champion of birds passed away peacefully at the University College Hospital in London England.

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Pelee Island Bird Observatory

The Pelee Island Bird Observatory is a non-profit organisation devoted to the study and conservation

Mark your calendars! Our next birdwatching walk is on October 14, we hope to see you there :)#burdwatching #pibo #naturecanada #birdfriendly #peleebird #birding See MoreSee Less
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Check out this rooftop garden located on the third floor of the University of Windsor engineering building highlights our diverse native plants of Windsor! Native plants are essential for sustaining our birds through all seasons.#nativeplants #uwindsor #pibo #naturecanada #birdfriendly See MoreSee Less
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We don’t know whether this is silence before a large number of migrants show up or if they’ve gone through, but for the last two weeks, our neting is slow. We have seen some Winter wrens, Brown creepers, and kinglets around. We have only banded one White-throated sparrow so far. Even though we banded only five birds for the morning, we are still keeping good standard net-hours every day. Despite of the quiet we have some good observation, such as 25 Chimney swifts recorded on September 27 census. Also, numerous American kestrels showed up along the farm field for the last two days. We observed a Lesser black-backed gull on the point today.Photo: Rose-breasted grosbeak See MoreSee Less
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