Breeding Birds

Breeding Birds
Breeding Birds

With the cooperation of the Nature Conservancy of Canada, the Township of Pelee, and other interested parties, PIBO launched a long-term population monitoring scheme in 2004 in order to study and conserve the nesting birds of Pelee Island through a coordinated ecosystem-based approach. The BBPI employs a range of methods designed to 1) generate data on the status of breeding birds at numerous sites on Pelee 2) determine the presence or absence of Species at Risk and other provincial and regional priority species and 3) conduct future surveys to monitor changes resulting from natural succession and a wide range of habitat restoration projects (Nature Conservancy of Canada 2008).

Since 2004 the observatory has established and surveyed 135 permanent point-count sites and
ten Breeding Bird Census (BBC) plots on properties under the stewardship of NCC, Ontario
Parks, Ontario Nature, the Essex Region Conservation Authority, and private landowners
(Gibson 2006) (Gibson 2008). PIBO staff and volunteers have also conducted annual marsh
bird surveys, Species at Risk transect surveys, and a variety of other field studies. Results from
the BBPI project have been actively shared with a network of government ministries and
conservation organizations, including breeding evidence for five federal and provincial Species
at Risk.