Graeme Gibson, 1934-2019. On September 18th our long-time chairperson and champion of birds passed away peacefully at the University College Hospital in London England. Since its inception in 2002, Graeme was a pivotal part of PIBO’s work. His passion and advocacy for birds everywhere, especially on Pelee Island matched with his kindness, humour and enthusiasm made him a pleasure to work with and a force for change. With his partner, Margaret Atwood, the two worked tirelessly to bring attention and much-needed funding to our organization. We owe him so much for what we have become. In memory of Graeme, we continue to monitor and advocate for the birds on Pelee and inspire new generations to love and care for birds as he did.

Photo of Graeme at home by Marylee Stephenson 2019.

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From the Bedside Book of Birds (2005): “A great many birdwatchers- from those who simply maintain feeders in their gardens to those, more obsessed, who wander the world in search of new and better birds-have stumbled onto a seductive truth: paying attention to birds, being mindful of them, is being mindful of Life itself. We seldom think of it this clearly, but sometimes, unexpectedly, we are overtaken by a sense of wonder and gratitude. Surely it is the encounter with a force much larger than ourselves that moves us.”

Remembering Graeme by Margaret Atwood