Wine Tasting

This item benefits the Pelee Island Heritage Centre

A Private Virtual Wine Tasting, with the Pelee Island Team. Host a virtual wine tasting for 12 people, all in the comfort of your own homes via Zoom. Let a Pelee Island Winemaker and our team guide you through a six-flight tasting experience. Learn about the wines, the history of winemaking on Pelee Island, and the vintages you’re tasting firsthand, including wine trivia and a suggested Spotify playlist.

This package includes a 1 1/2 hour Virtual Wine tasting for 6 groups of 2 on Zoom (participants must all be in Ontario; 6 tasting packages of 6 bottles each delivered to the door of your guest with tasting glasses (2 per package) (36 bottles in total); the tasting led by a Pelee Island Winery Winemaker; Pelee Island Winery team members online to provide wine trivia, a Spotify playlist and to coordinate the technical side of things. All participants must be in Ontario; valid for use in July, August, November 2021 or January thru March 2022

Value – $1,750

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