Woodland Creature by Sarah Hunter

“Woodland Creature, Bird Spirit,” by Sarah Hunter. Toronto visual artist Sarah Hunter has shown extensively in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and in the United States and Taipei, Taiwan.  Her work is expressionistic, exploring three distinct areas: portraiture, animal imagery, and mixed-media paintings. She recently received an award as part of the Goddess Day Arts Festival to celebrate women artists who help and further the art careers of women.

“This piece,” she says, “was created when I was at Georgian Bay. I often walk on the rocks and see images in the pools and rock formations there. This particular piece was inspired by a bird like image I saw in outlines on the ground. To me it symbolizes the power of animal spirits in nature and the importance of connecting with these energies and bringing us closer to an appreciation of the habitats and the animals that share this planet with us. It reminds me of the need to help preserve wild spaces where animals can survive and thrive.

Learn more about Sarah Hunter on Facebook at Sarah Hunter Artist, Instagram@sarahturtlart, and on her website at www.turtlart.ca. Water colours, inks and collage, 10 x14 inches unframed.

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