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Iconographia Antiqva: Flora, fauna e ambiente naturale del Castello di Potentino, Vol. 1., by Mario Morellini. This is the first in the series of volumes exploring the flora and fauna and natural history of Italy’s Potentino Valley. The 65 poplar and birch tables, drawn in pencil then burned using the pyrographic technique by Tuscan naturalist and designer, Mario Morellini, are part of an illustrative tradition that began during the Renaissance with the works of Ulisse Aldrovandi, and continues in the zoological and botanical manuals and treatises of the twentieth century.

Mario Morellini is a naturalist and designer from Siena. He works in environmental education and as a naturalist and guide who collaborates with schools and museums in the creation of workshops with technical and scientific content, and organizes exhibitions and displays. His many publications include children’s books, works of history and philosophy, a book of calligraphy, and The Birds of Italy.

The text is in Italian, with an introduction and list of Illustrations in English. Original artwork by Mario Morellini includes “The Short-toe Eagle or Biancone.” Signed and dedicated by the author.

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