Guided Birding Tour in Prince Edward County

This item to benefit the Pelee Island Heritage Centre

A Guided Birding Tour of Prince Edward County, with Paul Jones. Past winner of Pelee Island’s prestigious Botham Cup birding trophy, Paul Jones resides in beautiful Prince Edward County at the northeastern end of Lake Ontario. As the County’s current top birder, he is happy to guide groups (1 to 4 people) around this fantastic area. Itineraries can be tailored to the interests of participants, and timed to suit their availability. Possibilities for outings range from an intense morning or afternoon of birding, to a more relaxed exploration of the County’s natural history. As a keen wildlife photographer, Paul is happy to focus on that activity as well. Dropping in at a few of the local wineries can also be worked into a schedule.

For an album of Paul’s photos from Prince Edward County,  go to: For a wider array of his wildlife images:

And here is a little video about birding in the County:

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