Beaver Dam, Algonquin Park by Av Atukuri

“Beaver Dam, Algonquin Park,” by Av Utukuri. Av Utukuri was attending OCAD for drawing and painting when he realized he was colour blind. He has pursued a career as an engineer and technology executive, and has also continued to work as a visual artist. “I have two daughters, eight and ten,” he says, “who help me mix paint and give me their inspiration for colour. So my work is a full family affair.”

Utukuri attempts to create a modern take on classic impressionist styles. “I break a number of rules,” he says. “My paintings have bright backgrounds with darker foregrounds, some shadows go against the angle of light to add interest, and I use very high pigment paints with multiple coats to enhance the luminescence of the painting.” His artwork stands out on any wall: “I love it when my art adds a pop of colour to a space.”

Acrylic on stretched canvas, mounted on a gallery frame, 30 x 40 inches. Value $2000.00

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