Survey for Windsor Landscapers on Bird Friendly Gardening

We are a small local group working with Pelee Island Bird Observatory (PIBO) to achieve Nature Canada’s Bird Friendly City designation for Windsor. There are three categories of criteria, highlighted below. While many of these categories relate to the city’s management of public land, there are opportunities within each category where we believe Windsor landscapers could play a supportive role and provide us with advice.

  1. Reducing human-related threats to birds: Examples from this category include outreach campaigns to promote responsible light control practices and efforts to reduce or eliminate non-essential pesticide use that directly or indirectly harms birds.
  2. Habitat protection, restoration, and climate resiliency: Criteria in this category include community participation in initiatives to a) develop native plant habitats to support native birds and pollinators on private property, b) increase the urban tree canopy on private land, and c) support other “green infrastructure” initiatives to address climate change.
  3. Community outreach/education: These criteria include providing public access to resources (web links, brochures etc.) about the benefits provided by native plant gardening and establishing natural habitat patches on private property which support birds and pollinators.

We hope to partner with local groups like Landscape Ontario as we work towards the Bird Friendly City designation. By filling out this survey you will help us develop more resources for promoting the development and maintenance of bird-friendly habitats in urban yards.

All responses are confidential, and the survey can be completed anonymously. We will use responses to guide planning, and only unidentified group data may be used for reporting.


How many clients do you estimate are interested in bird-friendly features? Please rate each item:
Many = 3, Some = 2, Few or none = 1.

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Going Forward

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Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey! We look forward to sharing our progress with local Landscape Ontario members.