The Bird House Migration Steward Program

PIBO Bird House Steward Program

PIBO Bird House Steward Program

  • Update February 2016 please note this program is on hiatus for the time being.   

The PIBO Steward Program at the Pelee Island Bird Observatory brings novice and experts birders together on Pelee to enjoy the incredible spring and fall migrations. Our paying stewards can make the most of a weekend getaway spending some peaceful time at our unique and remote location. They will have the opportunity to learn more about PIBO’s work and migration monitoring, while knowing they are helping to support the legacy of bird conservation on Pelee Island.

Sample 3-Day Weekend Itinerary

  • Arrive on Friday evening ferry from Kingsville. Meet PIBO staff and settle into The Bird House.
  • Saturday morning – visit the Pelee Island Bird Observatory banding station
  • Saturday afternoon – explore Pelee’s other conservation areas or take an island tour with Explore Pelee (additional cost)
  • Evening Saw-whet owl banding with PIBO (October only)
  • Sunday morning – birding with PIBO staff at Fish Point Provincial Nature Reserve
  • Sunday afternoon – Explore Pelee Island and visit the Pelee Island Heritage Centre, Pelee Island Artworks, or just relax at The Bird House or on one of Pelee’s beautiful sand beaches.
  • Leave Monday morning on the ferry

Weekend Fees

As part of the Migration Steward Program, rental rates include the base rental rate and a $100 donation to our Endowment Fund for which a tax-receipt can be issued.

Contact PIBO to inquire about renting the Bird House.

“You can’t begin to know how much we thoroughly enjoyed the visit…still talking about it and looking forward to our next trip perhaps in the Spring of 2013.  The Bird House was truly a real delight and made us feel right at home. Thank you again for adding another wonderful memory to our lives!”